Stay Connected While Traveling Abroad

Web services like Google Maps, Navigation, etc. make travelling a hundred fold easier than before, the time when internet and GPS weren’t still a thing. Also, being connected while you travel abroad means being able to get in touch with your family and loved ones at home. For me, as I hate unnecessary phone calls and messages, that would mean updating my IG so they would know I’m still alive, kicking and having fun.

There are several ways to stay connected while you travel abroad:

Data Roaming

I won’t really suggest this one ’cause it’s really pricey. Globe, for example charges a flat rate of PHP 599 per day. That’s just crazy. -_-

Buy a Local SIM

Buying a local SIM card, loading it with credits and subscribing it to a surfing promo is one of the cheapest ways to have internet access abroad. I did it when I was in Thailand. I bought a SIM card at a shopping mall and had the saleslady register it for one week unlimited internet access. I don’t really remember how much did it cost me, but it was a lot cheaper than renting out a portable WiFi or buying what they promoted as a Traveler SIM at the airport.

However, not all countries allow anyone to buy a prepaid SIM that easily. In countries like Japan, you need to be a local resident to be eligible to buy one. (Although now, they have a prepaid SIM for visitors to be used for data service only).

Rent a Phone

Yes, in some countries, you could also rent a mobile phone with SIM. I never consider this as an option but I guess it could help if you need a more reliable smart phone, equipped with a better camera that would be handy for all IG junkies.

Rent a Portable WiFi

If buying a local SIM card is not an option, I would definitely go by this one. You can either rent a portable WiFi at the airport or have it booked online and claim it once you arrived.

If your country of destination is on their list, I would suggest to just rent a router at flytpack. Have your device before you leave and get connected the moment you arrived! It’s cheap and reliable. You have to pay a deposit fee of PHP 2,800 but no worries, you’ll get this back once you return the router.

There are several ways to stay connected while traveling abroad. Options vary on different countries. Make sure you research well so you can get the most out of your money.

Have fun in your next trip!

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