Alice on Wednesday (Osaka, Japan)

Is that a rabbit hole, I see? Yes, it is! Welcome to Wonderland…I mean Alice On Wednesday. With the exterior that pretty, it’s probably the cutest shop I’ve ever been.

The store is divided into two areas, the Red Queen’s room which comes right behind the rabbit hole and the more brighter White Queen’s Room where the cashier is located.We dropped by this little store during my trip to Osaka last January. It was located near the America Village (Amerika-mura) where streets were crammed with cafes, miscellaneous good shops, clothing stores, fashion malls and more.

Alice on Wednesday - Red and White Room
Red Queen’s Room (left) and White Queen’s Room (right)

The Red Queen’s features a long table of Alice in Wonderland charms on checkered flooring. From all kinds of jewelries to bags to hair accessories to key chains to stationery, they have it all!

I did try my best to take decent photos but it was really dark inside the Red Queen’s room and I don’t want to ruin the mood with flash photography.

The White Queen’s room, on the other hand, is like a mini pastry shop for your tea party fixes. It has various kinds of cookies and candies. The Drink Me bottles (although I read that they taste like cough medicine) and the Eat Me cookies are just so adorable. No wonder Alice was tempted to try them.

White Room Goodies
Drink Me Bottles
Eat Me Cookies in a Book
Fortune Cookies

Look at all these Wonderland goodies I got myself, vintage pocket watch, White Rabbit charm and Eat Me cookies in a book! The little Alice on me is rejoicing!​

Alice on Wednesday Hauls

Will definitely drop by this shop again when I got to come back to Japan, maybe the Tokyo branch next time. ^o^

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